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This pistol is a 6 shot revolver, .38 caliber, or a "38 Special.";This group of artifacts including a pistol, holster, and hand-cuffs were owned and used by the donor's grandfather, Raymond James Plank who was a Secret Service agent. Plank was a local man and served out of the Secret Service's Grand Rapids office. Most people don't even know that there is a Secret Service office in Grand Rapids, and this small group of artifacts help tell the story of this important government agency that is responsible for protecting the lives of American diplomats and the integrity of the American currency.;Smith and Wesson trademark is engraved in the metal on one side of the pistol. "159070" is engraved on the bottom of the grip.
1920 – 1940
Metal, Wood
1" h 6 | 12" w 9 | 8" d; 3" h
Current Location Status:
In Storage
In Memory Of David Plank
Artifact GR (2012 – 2013)
Artifact GR was a project which invited members of the community into the archives of the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and asked them to write about their experiences.  The resulting submissions were cataloged in an interactive website ( and in a published book (
Smith And Wesson

Plank, Melissa