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This iMac computer consists of a main unit with an integrated CPU and CRT monitor in an orange plastic case, a keyboard, a mouse, and an AC power cable.;The iMac represented a significant advance in all-in-one desktop computing for the average consumer. This item is part of a collecting initiative to gather consumer electronics from the last several decades which are iconic or representative of their type. This type of computer could be found in millions of homes, offices, and schools around America at the end of twentieth century.;This particular iMac was used as a personal home computer by the donor.;In 1998, personal computers were ugly beige boxes with no style or design. Apple saw an opportunity to reinvent the computer with bold all-in-one designs and outlandish colors. At first, opinions were divided with such drastic changes to core macintosh technology but soon critics began to love the iMac describing it as the "Gold Standard of desktop computing", "industry-altering success" and the "Must-have desktop".
circa 2000
Plastic, Metal, Rubber
Current Location Status:
In Storage
Gift Of Jon Kloote
Apple Inc.

Kloote, Jon