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Science and Technology
Medical ➔ Vertabral Augmentation Implants, Thoracolumbar Cages

This example of Stryker's products for the spine shows two titanium thoracolumbar cages implanted into a plastic model vertebrae.;Stryker makes an entire line of products for vertebral augmentation. The basic premise behind these procedures, tools, and implants is relieve patient's who suffer from back pain because of vertebral compression fractures. The most common solution, known as a balloon kyphoplasty, is a minimally invasive procedure which helps relieve pain, increase mobility, and greatly increase the patient's quality of life. The procedure involves drilling a small hole into the fractured vertebrae, the inserting a balloon catheter to "inflate" the compressed bone. The balloon is withdrawn and bone cement is inserted into the cavity, relieving the pressure on the patient's back.;This item was given by Stryker to support the development of an exhibit about the Healthcare Industry in West Michigan.;Dr. Homer Stryker started creating medical equipment in Kalamazoo in the 1930s for one simple reason: to improve patient care. From his earliest inventions like the "walking heel" and "cast cutter" displayed here, through a variety of orthopaedic implants, to the modern marvels of craniomaxillofacial care and vertebral augmentation, this has remained the company's goal. Stryker is now one of the world's leading medical technology companies and still has its world headquarters right here in West Michigan.
Titanium, Plastic
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West Michigan Medical (2010)
Stryker Corporation

Stryker Corporation