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Quilts ➔ Quilt, Patchwork From Streetcars

Pieced quilt made from upholstery used on the Grand rapids and Muskegon Interuban cars before 1920. The front has different-size shapes and colors of fabric that have been pieced together and the backing is of a floral pattern.;One of two quilts that are made from upholstery fabric that was salvaged from Grand Rapids and Muskegon interuban cars in the early 1900s. The donor's great-grandfather, Will Stiles, was a conductor and motorman for the company. When the seats were reupholstered sometime between 1900 and 1920 he acquired the old fabric. The burgundy and gold fabric was used in the passenger cars and the blue and green were for the motorman and conductor seats. The plain blue twill was used for repairs. Mr. Stiles then gave the fabric to his friend Mrs. Kline, who lived on Jefferson Street and was a member of the Ladies Guild for South Congregationsl Church (1st located at the NE corner of Sheldon and Delaware then in the 1960s moved to Alger and Madison.) Her guild and members of the 1st Methodist Church (now 1st United Methodist) decided to use the fabric to make four quilts. Mrs. Kline kept two for her daughter Mary Kline. When Mary became infirm she gave the quilts to the donor's mother. She then gave them to the donor about 20 years ago.
circa 1910
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