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Photograph, Miss Grand Rapids Airplane

Black and white photograph showing what may be the christening of a new airplane named the Miss Grand Rapids. The photo shows the front half of the plane, including the propeller. There is a woman in a white dress in the foreground and a band in the background.;This photograph shows the Miss Grand Rapids airplane. Built by the Ford Motor Company, this plane flew between Grand Rapids and Detroit as part of the first regularly scheduled air service in the United States beginning in 1926. Two years later, it transported the first shipment of furniture to leave Grand Rapids' factories by air.
circa 1926
4.5" h 6.5 | 4.5" w 4.5" d; 3.5" h
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Grand Rapids Airport
The original Grand Rapids Airport was located on the south end of Madison Ave. The airport boundaries included 32nd Street SE to the north, 36th Street SE to the south, the N.G. Railroad line to the east, and Jefferson Avenue to the west. The airport was originally operated by Kent County Board of Supervisors. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts formed groups such as the Grand Rapids Aero Club, later The Grand Rapids Flying Club, and the Grand Rapids Association of Commerce which were instrumental in developing support for the building and maintenance of the airport. The first scheduled air service in the United States was between Grand Rapids and Detroit (actually Dearborn's Ford Airport) on a Ford-Stout monoplane named Miss Grand Rapids, which started July 26, 1926.

Between 1925 and 1928, John T. Byrne financed operation of the Furniture Capital Air Service, with his son, Jack, in charge. They built a $ 20,000 hanger and remained in business for several years. The airport hosted special events such as the Michigan Air Tour of 1929 and the Furniture Capital Air Fair.