Toy, Goats And Cart
Toy, Goats And Cart
Toy, Goats And Cart

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This tin toy represents a man in a two-wheeled cart being pulled by two goats. The cart is painted green and the man wears a red shirt, yellow pants, and a black hat.;The museum has a large collection of toys and games. This item is an important addition to that collection as an example of an early American tin toy.;Prior to 1840, virtually all American toys were handcrafted. Examples of these early amusements include sock dolls, wooden jointed dolls, and whittled toys. Commercial tin toy production revolutionized the toy industry, beginning in earnest circa 1840 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Francis, Field and Francis (1838-ca. 1860), or the Philadelphia Tin Toy Manufactory, created a line of handcrafted and colorfully painted tin toys such as trackless pull locomotives, carriages, and horse-drawn carts as an offshoot of their existing product line of tin tablewares. Made of thin, tin-plated sheet steel, many of these toys resembled early tin toleware, with a dark ground and red, yellow, and green painted highlights. Shortly thereafter, other manufacturers, mainly in Connecticut and New York City, started producing tin toys, mostly stamped tin animals designed for pulling on four-wheeled bases, or horse and buggies. With the Industrial Revolution's advances in manufacturing, many hardware foundries turned to the production of cast-iron toys and banks to increase their revenue. Available primarily after the Civil War in shops and through catalogues, these new playthings presented consumers with a wider range of toys than was previously available. Both tin and cast-iron toys, however, tended to be expensive, and typically only the more affluent Victorian families could afford such extravagances. The emerging middle class of consumers also sought toys for their children, and advances in printing and lithography made many toys, games, and books available to an eager population.
circa 1870
Painted, Tin
2.5" h 3.5 | 4 | 4 | 3" w 11" d; 5" h ; 5" h
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Gift Of Alice Bickley
Francis, Field, And Francis

Alice Bickley

Andrea Melvin
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