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Patchwork quilt made of an appliqued traditional oak leaf and reel pattern using three layers of fabric. The white background is made of cotton and the floral patterns are made of a multi-color printed paisley fabric. It is comprised of blocks sewn together and a border added.;This patchwork quilt was made by Katherine Hester, great-grandmother of the donor. She was the mother of Hester Belknap (1897 - 1973) who was related to local businessman Charles Belknap. (See comments for additional information on Belknap) The quilt was made around the 1860s and is in excellent condition. The colors are still vivid and there are few tears or holes. Most of the quilts from this time period in the collection have no documentation of their makers and are not in as good condition.;Label on storage box it arrived in: Quilt made by Katherine Hester, my great grandmother.;Made by the donor's great-grandmother Katherine Hester. She was the mother of Hester Belknap. Hester's wedding dress was donated to us at the same time as the quilt.;Quilting was a popular hobby for American women in the mid-nineteenth to early-twentieth centuries mostly for utility, comfort and as artistic handiwork. The rise in popularity began once spun and woven fabrics became more available in the United States. Quilts would be made out of purchased fabric but also from leftover scrap materials or from treasured family garments such as baptismal gowns or wedding dress fabric. Women in the Midwest were particularly fond of the craft and formed many quilting circles. Regional town fairs also included quilting bees to award excellence in quilting.
circa 1860
Patchwork, Cotton
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Gift Of Katherine And Robert Kimball

Katherine and Robert Kimball

Melvin, Andrea
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