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Medical ➔ Thermometer

A wood and glass thermometer used for measuring the temperature in a bathtub during hydro therapy on a patient.;Since its founding in 1910, Pine Rest has sought out innovative and holistic ways to treat their patients in body, mind, and spirit. Also, because of its unique nature as a psychopathic or mental hospital, staff at Pine Rest have used a variety of tools to treat their patients rarely seen at more conventional hospitals. Many of the artifacts in this collection reflect these unique approaches to treatment. Further information can be found in the accompanying Pine Rest archival collection.;The items in this accession were donated to the Grand Rapids Public Museum following Pine Rest's 100th Anniversary. The staff and volunteers at Pine Rest gathered together hundreds of artifacts, documents, and photographs from their century-long history for the anniversary celebration in 2010. Following those events, Museum staff visited Pine Rest several times, and in consultation with the Pine Rest staff and volunteers, collected over a hundred items that will help tell their stories. The collected artifacts are cataloged individually in this database, while the photographs, documents, and other printed material are described in the finding aid for the Grand Rapids Public Museum's Archival Collection #229.
Glass, Metal, Wood, String
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Gift Of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health

NURSING: A Dynamic Profession (April 30 – May 29 2016)
As a tribute to nurses throughout West Michigan and around the globe, this exhibit celebrates this dynamic profession through artifacts from the GRPM’s Collections and our community partners. From nursing on the battlefield to the ICU, these past and present-day objects connect us to the profound impact nurses have had and continue to have on our lives.

With the health reform of the late 19th century, transforming hospitals from charitable hospices to therapeutic institutions, came a dependance on trained nurses. Nursing quickly became the largest workforce in the healthcare system and continue to be so today.
Nursing is a lifelong pursuit that requires great commitment to patient care and professionalism. Medical science is constantly evolving, thus the nursing profession is constantly changing and nurses must continue to train in new skills and technologies throughout their careers.The GRPM thanks nurses for all they do!

The Life of the Mind (October 2017 – January 2018)
Mental Health Treatment Through the 21st Century
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is a psychiatric hospital and behavioral health provider, with the main treatment campus located in Gaines Township, Michigan. It was founded in 1910 as the Christian Psychopathic Hospital. Pine Rest is one of the five largest free-standing behavioral health providers in the U.S., offering a full continuum of services including addiction treatment and recovery, extensive child and adolescent programs, senior care services, and Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). In addition to the main campus in Grand Rapids, Pine Rest also has 20 outpatient locations throughout West Michigan and two in Iowa.

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