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This collection is the official archive of the Grand Rapids Press and as such, it is the "daily journal" of the people, events, and opinions of this community. As the journalism industry undergoes dramatic changes nationally, there is great concern that these sorts of community resources may be lost. Preservation by the Museum will ensure that it will be available for future research and exhibition here in Grand Rapids, no matter what other changes occur in local media. There are other sources for some of this information -- the Public Library makes the Press available on microfilm, and has created its own partial subject files. However, nowhere else is there an entire run of the original newspaper, nor are there collections of the original photo archives of the newspaper. These will be useful for exhibition and future publications in ways that microfilm alone cannot match. The subject files are also incredibly complete, and have never before been made available for use by the general public.

The Grand Rapids Press Collection is made up of the following:

1. Bound Volumes (1890 - 2012) - organized chronologically

2. Clipping Files (c.1955 -  c. 2000) - organized alphabetically by subject

3. Print Photograph Files (c. 1965 - c. 2000) organized alphabetically by subject 

4. Negative Files (c. 1965 - c. 2000) organized alphabetically by subject

5.) Microfilm (1893 - 2012) - organized chronologically

There is a printed index of the newspaper from 1986-2005.

Newsbank has an index from 1893-1922.

The Grand Rapids Public Library has extensive subject files to help locate specific articles.

For Researchers:
The Grand Rapids Press Collection at the Grand Rapids Public Museum is available to researchers by appointment.  Museum staff can make scans or photocopies of materials for a fee.  The Grand Rapids Press retains the copyright to all the material in this collection.  Researchers who wish to publish material from the collection must obtain the permission of the Grand Rapids Press and pay any applicable fees.
1890 – 2012
Bound Newspaper, Microfilm, Negatives, Photographs
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In Storage
Gift Of The Grand Rapids Press
100 Years of Design (June 8 2016)
Museum School students selected artifacts from the collection, researched them, and then designed what they believe they will look like 100 years from now.
Grand Rapids Press

Grand Rapids Press
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