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Transportation ➔ 6 Pack Holder, The Poet

Carboard 6 pack holder with The Poet oatmeal stout logo and crow image.;The GRPM collected this item in 2012 to help document the history of micro-brewing in West Michigan.;Jason Spaulding and Brett VanderKamp, the founders of New Holland Brewing Company, grew up together in Midland, Michigan, and later attended Hope College. In college Spaulding and VanderKamp cultivated a love of homebrewing, which would bring them together again shortly after graduation. Their business plan took two years to formulate, but once complete, the pair quickly lined up investors, and in 1996 New Holland was founded in Holland, Michigan. Originally, the duo's goal was to produce beer that was characteristically unique to Western Michigan. Their beer was well received, and the company increased production to just over 5,000 US beer barrels (590,000 l) in 2006. In 2007 the company increased production to over 7,500 US bbl (880,000 l). New Holland began distilling whiskey, rum and gin in 2005, and selling it in 2008.
Gift Of Dave White
New Holland Brewery

New Holland Brewery

Dave White