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Tier 3

Toys and Games ➔ Colorforms, The Sesame Street Ernie And Bert Set

"The Sesame Street Ernie and Bert Set" themed Colorforms set comes with two cardboard scenes and two cardboard sheets of plastic "Stick-Ons" stickers with two paper instruction booklets inside..;Original Colorforms sets started appearing in the 1950s and were created by Harry and Pat Kislevits. Their defining feature is their signature plastic "Stick-Ons" that would stick to graphic backgrounds of various themes. This particular theme of "The Raggedy Ann Doll House" was created by artist Bill Basso.
Cardboard, Plastic, Paper
16.5''" h 13''" w 1''" d
Current Location Status:
Education Program
Gift of Chuck and Marcia Jagger
Investigate: Toys & Games (June 2018)
During the Investigate program, students will take the role of Museum curators and use close observation and critical thinking to discover the origin, meaning, and importance of real objects from the Museum’s Collection. Students will learn how to handle and study primary sources and will be pushed to consider how singular objects or groups of objects can tell meaningful stories about our place.

  • Students will be able to analyze primary sources (artifacts and photographs) and make inferences about the story or significance of the sources.
  • Students will make inferences about the value or learning lesson of various toys and games that have existed across time and cultures.
Curriculum Connections:
  • NGSS Science and Engineering Practices: Constructing Explanations; Engaging in Argument from Evidence
  • MIchigan K-12 Social Studies Standards: H2 Living and Working Together in Families and Communities, Now and Long Ago, G4 Human Systems, P1 Reading and Communication, P2 Inquiry Research and Analysis


Jagger, Marcia