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Clothing and Accessories
Women's Clothing ➔ Wedding Dress

This ivory wedding dress of satin features a rhinestone trim, designs made of pearl seeds and glass beads, and cloth flowers located at the waist. The short and fashionable 1920s hemline is edged with a metallic lace. It was worn by Josephine Murphy when she married Raymond Sculley in 1927. 
circa 1927
Satin, Pearl Seeds, Glass Beads, Lace
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In Storage
Gift Of Josephine Sculley
100 Years of Design (June 8 2016)
Museum School students selected artifacts from the collection, researched them, and then designed what they believe they will look like 100 years from now.
Josephine Sculley
Josephine Murphy was born February 26 1902 in Lowell Michigan. In April of 1927 she married Raymond Sculley. She passed away January 16 1985 in Grand Rapids and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. 
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Grand Rapids
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