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Furniture Industry Archives
Video and Audio ➔ 16mm Film, Industry on Parade #441 - Furniture City USA

This approximately 15 minute film depicts the furniture industry in Grand Rapids.  It contains some brief information about the origins of the furniture industry, but mostly focuses on the positive qualities of the industry at the time of production (the 1950s).  Numerous local institutions (Grand Rapids Public Museum, Grand Rapids Public Library) and many local companies are featured.;16mm film reel in metal case. Label reads: Arthur Lodge Productions Inc. 333 West 52nd Street, New York 19 Industry on Parade #441 Furniture City USA "The Furniture Makers"
1950 – 1960
16mm Film, Metal
Gift of Max Shangle
Shangle, Max

Arthur Lodge Productions Incorporated

Furniture Manufacturers Association of Grand Rapids (FMA)
The formation of several furniture manufacturer organizations have existed throughout the span of Grand Rapids furniture industry. A prominent and long-standing name belonged to The Furniture Manufacturers Association of Grand Rapids which was legally recognized as a non-profit organization on November 25, 1911. Also known as the Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturers Association (FMA), the FMA was active in protecting the "Grand Rapids Made" trademark. The red triangular logo was applied to every piece of furniture made by every FMA member company between 1899 to about 1913. Several Grand Rapids firms incorporated the "Grand Rapids Made" triangle into their corporate trademarks. In 1913 the FMA won several lawsuits against stores fraudulently advertising Grand Rapids furniture.

The Furniture Manufacturers Association of Grand Rapids later changed its name to Grand Rapids Area Furniture Manufacturers Association in 1987 to encompass the broad geographical area it represents.

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