Rock, Limestone
Rock, Limestone

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Rock, Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that usually contains calcite and aragonite. Limestone makes up nearly 10% of all sedimentary rocks and can sometimes contain fossils of marine organisms. It if often used as a building material and can also be found in household products such as toothpaste. This specimen is piece of limestone that has been mounted by the 5th Grade class at Harrison Park Elementary while they were a part of the GRPM Immerse Program. It is likely that this specimen came from the Grand River Valley.
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Harrison Park School Grand River Exhibit (2014)
The fifth Grade class at harrison park Elementary created this exhibit for there school after participating int he Immerse program at the museum.  

Science Tuesday: Creepy Chemistry (October 2017)
Science Tuesdays is an ongoing educational experience, offering science programming based on changing themes each month. Science Tuesdays take place throughout the day on Tuesdays at the Museum and include a variety of activities and interactive displays.
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