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Photographs ➔ Photograph, Alaska Fur Company Vehicle

This is a black and white photograph outside of the Alaska Fur Company store at 53 Monroe Avenue. The storefront is to the left of the photo and has a delivery van parked outside on the street. The side of the van reads "Alaska Fur Company - Zuringeberg 53 Monroe - Repairing, Remodeling, and Storage". To the right of the picture is another storefront of Zimmer Bros. Engraving, which was located at 55 Monroe Avenue. 
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Courtesy of the Camera Shop
The Camera Shop
The Camera Shop was formed in 1908 by Walter K. Schmidt (1865-1938) to provide photo supplies to the Grand Rapids, Kent County Michigan community. He retained ownership of the Camera Shop until 1936. All of the known photographs which carry the Camera Shop markings come from the era of Schmidt’s ownership. The Grand Rapids Public Museum and the Grand Rapids Public Library have photographs from the Camera Shop in their collections.

Alaska Fur Company
Alaska Fur Company was a business that operated in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the 1900s. 

Zimmer Brothers, Engraving Company
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