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Quilts ➔ Quilt, Myrtle's Red Crossed Nine Patch

This quilt is significant for its uniqueness and its association with the work of local quilter and quilt appraiser, Patricia Lee (Hubbel) Boucher, of Grand Rapids. Patricia was the creator of this quilt which involved incorporating a historic quilt that she purchased at an estate sale. A Grand Rapids Press article from March 15, 2000 (page D2) features the story behind the quilt. When Patricia purchased the quilt, the fabric between the blocks was thinning and needed replacing. While taking it apart to incorporate the blocks into a new quilt top, she noticed a signature in the border fabric that said "Myrtle". She decided to name the quilt, "Myrtle's Red Crossed Nine-Patch", because of the nine pieces with a square in the middle. Some of the original blocks in the quilt date back to centennial fabrics of 1876.
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Estate of Patrica Boucher
Patricia Lee (Hubbel) Boucher was a school teacher, a quilter and quilt appraiser who enjoyed "antiquing" and traveling. She was the wife of Honorable Judge George Boucher and they resided in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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