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Photograph, Pine Rest Nurse lighting a Candle

The collection contains a variety of material that may be useful to researchers. Extensive photographic documentation of the grounds, buildings, staff, patients, and events is the collection's strongest asset. These photos are mostly professional work, and many were used in official Pine Rest publications over the years. Some of these publications are included as well. Items like written histories will provide a useful overview of the institution. Manuals, pamphlets, and newsletters provide a more detailed look at specific people, places, or events that impacted the Pine Rest community. The majority of the material dates to the period 1950-1970, with a smaller number of items from the early and late 20th century. Although it has not been broken out into a separate series, there is a small amount of material related to the Cutler family, and Mary Cutler in particular. Several copies of DVD videos were placed in the collection's accession file.;The items in this accession were donated to the Grand Rapids Public Museum following Pine Rest's 100th Anniversary. The staff and volunteers at Pine Rest gathered together hundreds of artifacts, documents, and photographs from their century-long history for the anniversary celebration in 2010. Following those events, Museum staff visited Pine Rest several times, and in consultation with the Pine Rest staff and volunteers, collected over a hundred items that will help tell their stories. The collected artifacts are cataloged individually in this database, while the photographs, documents, and other printed material are described in the finding aid for the Grand Rapids Public Museum's Archival Collection #229.
In 2010 Pine Rest celebrated 100 years of Christian care for the mentally ill at their facility in Cutlerville, Michigan. The Christian Psychopathic Hospital was originally organized by members of the various Reformed denominations, and still has strong ties to those groups. Over the last century the institution has grown from its humble origins at the Cutler family farmhouse, into a multi-state facility with an international reputation for state-of-the art care. To celebrate their centennial, staff and volunteers at Pine Rest gathered together many artifacts, documents, and photographs found on the hospital grounds that helped document their history. Following the celebration, staff from the Grand Rapids Public Museum collaborated with Pine Rest to collect the archival material in this collection, as well as almost 100 artifacts which are described separately in the Museum's online Collection Catalog.
circa 1970
Gift Of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health

NURSING: A Dynamic Profession (April 30 – May 29 2016)
As a tribute to nurses throughout West Michigan and around the globe, this exhibit celebrates this dynamic profession through artifacts from the GRPM’s Collections and our community partners. From nursing on the battlefield to the ICU, these past and present-day objects connect us to the profound impact nurses have had and continue to have on our lives.

With the health reform of the late 19th century, transforming hospitals from charitable hospices to therapeutic institutions, came a dependance on trained nurses. Nursing quickly became the largest workforce in the healthcare system and continue to be so today.
Nursing is a lifelong pursuit that requires great commitment to patient care and professionalism. Medical science is constantly evolving, thus the nursing profession is constantly changing and nurses must continue to train in new skills and technologies throughout their careers.The GRPM thanks nurses for all they do!