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Grand River Watershed ➔ Oil Painting, Grand River in 1870 (Haire's Landing)

This oil on canvas was painted about 1880 by John Charles Haire May 14, 1860 - August 12, 1914, and is a depiction of Haire's Landing on the Grand River in Ottawa County, MI near Grandville, MI  The composition was extracted from Mr. Haire's childhood recollection of the setting as the Landing had been destroyed by fire three times, the last being about 1877. It was not, after that date, rebuilt. Mr. Haire was taught to paint by his oldest sister Emma.

The composition includes the Haire residence, a school, the saw mill and post office. A view of the Haire residence is additionally illustrated on page 78 of the History of Ottawa County, Michigan  The painting also includes depictions of two side-wheeler boats that sailed on the Grand, the Daniel Ball and the L. Jenison.

Although the painting is a depiction of Haire's Landing, the canvas is actually inscribed "Grand River In 1870" at the lower center. It is otherwise unsigned.

The painting is significant to the Grand Rapids Public Museum's interest as it portrays a scene along the Grand River. It further offers itself as a companion piece to the Museum's 2012.60.1 Painting, Grand Rapids in 1836 which depicts the Joel Guild House, another locale of trade along the Grand.

circa 1880
Oil On Canvas, Wood
26" h 30" w
Current Location Status:
In Storage
Gift of Mrs. Michele M. Cutler
John C. Haire

James A. Straub

Michele M Cutler
Granddaughter or great granddaughter of artist of painting # 2016.2
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Grand Rapids
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