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Clothing Accessories
Headwear ➔ Recreational Hat

This cycling flap hat is part of a collection that included a bicycle, accessories, and documentation from an around the world cycling trip by Grand Rapids resident, Anita Gilleo. The yearlong trip, organized by Tim Kneeland & Associates, Inc., of Seattle, was called Odyssey 2000 and took place from January 1 to December 31, 2000. The proposed itinerary included visits to 45 countries by bike via 18 flights, 11 ferry rides, and a train trip. The custom-made bicycle was designed by the company for the 250-person ride which was open to the public for sign up at a cost of $36,000 for the year. This incredible feat of endurance had bikers averaging about 77 miles of biking per day for 256 days that year, covering 20,000 miles of world travel, equaling almost the entire circumference of the globe. The donor described that the experience, however, was different for everyone and although there were many extreme cyclists, there were many recreational bikers as well, including herself who was the oldest female on the trip. Only half a dozen were seniors and the average age when the group returned was approximately age 50. Literature on this cycling trip share stories of individuals saving up for this adventure for years, quitting jobs and selling their homes and businesses to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The collection is symbolic of society's shift from the purchasing of material possessions to spending more time and money on memorable experiences. 
circa 2000
Cotton, Polyester, Nylon
13"" h 8"" w 2"" d
Gift of Anita M. Gilleo
Anita M. Gilleo
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