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Transportation ➔ Photograph, Electric Streetcar, Lafayette and Stocking Route

This is a black and white photograph of a Grand Rapids street scene somewhere along the #3 Lafayette and Stocking streetcar line. In the foreground a man with a shovel is poised near a hole dug amid the streetcar tracks on the dirt street. Also visible in the photograph are an electric streetcar, some houses, and a parked car (possibly a Ford Model T).

The #3 line streetcar in the photo may be a P.A.Y.E. (pay as you enter) car built by the Cincinnati Car Company in 1912. A sign (blurred in the photograph) on the front of the car may be promoting a now famous boxing match between Jack Dempsey and Jess Willard that occured in 1919.

After the era of horsecars (1865 - 1892) and cable cars (1888 - 1891) had ended and before the era of motor buses (1932 - present) began, the city of Grand Rapids used electric streetcars (1891 - 1935) for its public transit system.
1919 – 1935
Photographic Print
8 1/16"" h 10"" w
In Memory of Nelson G. McBride
Mary Susan McBride

Grand Rapids Railway Company
Grand Rapids Street Railway Company later became the Grand Rapids Motor Coach Company.

Grand Rapids Railway Company owned and operated Ramona Park on the Western Shore of Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids for many years.  The park was open from 1903-1954.  See Ramona Park entity for more information.  

Cincinnati Car Company
The Cincinnati Car Company, later known as the Cincinnati Car Corporation, designed and built interurban railway cars, streetcars, and busses in Cincinnati, Ohio between 1902 and 1931.
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Grand Rapids
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