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Calvin Bottle Collection, Beverage Bottle

This bottle is part of the Calvin Bottle Collection. The Collection represents a wide range of typical containers for consumer products in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Bottles in this accession were named for the excavation work done on the site of Calvin Christian Reformed Church, where the bottles were salvaged. Based on the donor's wishes, these bottles were selected to minimize any repetition of form. Some individual items from the collection can be used to interpret the local companies that produced them. Individual pieces may also be useful for an exhibition or research of types of glass. As a whole, the collection can be used to research the types of products that were purchased in bottles by local consumers during this period. The collection may be used to interpret what historical archeologists can learn from trash site digs. It can also be used to illustrate how the history of an urban culture can be uncovered from hidden layers. This collection of 239 bottles and related items was salvaged during construction excavation on the site of Calvin Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. The collection reveals that the area was used as a trash dump between about 1890 and 1930. The collection includes mostly glass bottles, as well as canning jars, inkwells, drinking glasses, vials, a light bulb, a ceramic jug, a graniteware bowl, and a tin cup.
1890 – 1930
Glass, Ceramic, Metal
13" h
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In Storage
Gift Of Calvin Christian Reformed Church