Pound Puppy Stuffed Toy
Pound Puppy Stuffed Toy

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This Pound Puppy stuffed animal was manufactured by Tonka Toys around 1985.  This puppy is light brown with dark brown spots and comes with a heart-shaped food bowl.  Each Pound Puppy has a heart-shaped emblem on their hind leg stating the letters "PP" for Pound Puppy and was presented with adoption papers and a cardboard doghouse upon their purchase, although this toy does not contain either.  This toy was extremely popular selling over three hundred million dollars worth of Pound Puppies in five years during the 1980s. This toy was used by the donor, Abigail Gautreau, when she was a child. 
circa 1985
4"" h 19"" w 13"" d; 2"" h 6 1/2"" w 7"" d
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Gift of Abigail Gautreau

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