Dolls, Rainbow Brite and Twinkle
Dolls, Rainbow Brite and Twinkle

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This Rainbow Brite doll was manufactured by Hallmark Cards Incorporated and Mattel Incorporated circa 1983.  Rainbow Brite is accompanied by her sprite friend Twinkle.  This toy is significant because it was highly popular during the 1980s, and versions of Rainbow Brite and friends have been manufactured throughout the decades following her initial creation. Her story is that she lives at the end of a rainbow and brings color and hope to the world.  The sprites, like Twinkle, help Rainbow Brite collect "star sprinkles" or little crystals of various colors to ensure that color stays in the world. This toy was used by the donor, Abigail Gautreau, when she was a child. 
10 1/2"" h 6"" w 2 5/8"" d; 4 1/4"" h 3 1/2"" w 1"" d
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Gift of Abigail Gautreau

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Mattel Inc
Mattel is an American company founded in El Segundo, California in January 1945 by founders Harold Matson and Elliot Handler. They produce toys for infants and children including Barbie, Matchbox cars, American Girl dolls, and many others.  Since their founding, Mattel has purchased other toy companies including Fisher-Price and Tyco Toys, and collaborates with others such as Disney, making it one of the most successful and revenue producing toy companies in American history. 

Abigail Gautreau
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