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GRVR: Old Streets ➔ The Livingston Hotel

Contructed in 1887, the Livingston Hotel stood on the southeast corner of Fulton St E and Division Ave N. On the night of April 1st, 1924, the building caught fire, resulting in 8 deaths and numerous injuries. At this time, the top two stories of the building were torn down, the windows boarded over and the storefronts converted to billboard spaces. The shell of the Livingston remained until 1931 until the city of Grand Rapids began a large construction process of widening Division Ave that the ruins were torn down. in 1948 the Davenport building was erected in its place.

This 3D model was created by Jonah Kettman for the GRVR: Old Streets project run by GRPM.
April 1 1924

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