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Toys and Games ➔ Automatic Mechanical Hatching Egg

The Automatic Mechanical Hatching Egg comes in a small, rectangular, cardboard box with a wind-up toy inside. The wind-up toy is a tin litho chick that hatches from a yellow, plastic egg. The egg has a tin litho butterfly attached to the side. The lid proclaims that there is a "key attached," there are "no sharp edges," and that the "egg is soft, safe and unbreakable." The box lists directions for use on the side of the lid explaining that the egg must be wound up, set down, and then when the butterfly on the egg strikes an object, the egg will crack open to reveal the baby chick. 

The game was manufactured by Mikuni and made in Japan. This is the 1950's or 1960's version of the Hatchimals that are so popular today.
circa 1950 – 1960
Plastic, Cardboard, Tin
Gift of Larry and Vicki Burghdoff
In Storage;On Exhibit
Toys! (2018 – 2019)
The Grand Rapids Public Museum will present an interactive, multi-generational exhibition of toys and games sure to rekindle childhood memories and spark the creation of new ones.  This GRPM original exhibit will feature toys and games from the museum’s collections in meticulously crafted displays representing childhood in different eras.
Vicki Burghdoff