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Toy Rifle, Winchester Saddle Gun

The Official Winchester Saddle Gun was made by Matell in 1959. It is 33 inches long with a die cast barrel, hammer, trigger switch and cap mechanism. It states on top "use perforated roll caps only". Westerns were extremely popular on television in the 1950's and every boy wanted a realistic looking and sounding gun for a toy. 
Plastic, Metal
Gift of Vicki Burghdoff
Mattel Inc
Mattel is an American company founded in El Segundo, California in January 1945 by founders Harold Matson and Elliot Handler. They produce toys for infants and children including Barbie, Matchbox cars, American Girl dolls, and many others.  Since their founding, Mattel has purchased other toy companies including Fisher-Price and Tyco Toys, and collaborates with others such as Disney, making it one of the most successful and revenue producing toy companies in American history. 

Winchester Arms Company

Vicki Burghdoff