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I have the lolli plops been searching for the year they where made. I don't have the box it came in and they look a little worn but still love to play with them,. I recently showed them to my children and grandchildrenTeresa Walker, 1/6/2019

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Lolli Plop game in the original, flat, rectangular box. The lid shows the two "lolli pops," one red and one green, and proclaims "Lolli Plop! Lolli Plop! Lolli Plop Quick! - Flip the Marbles down the Stick!" The inside of the box contains the two plastic "lolli pops" each containing four black marbles and one white marble that are threaded through a cardboard holder that says 'Exciting Skill Games for 1, 2 or more players" and lists abbreviated instructions. A more detailed set of instructions is included on the inside of the lid.

The game was marketed to players ages 4 to 14 and was manufactured by the Milton Bradley Company as a skills game. The game can be played alone, with two players, or in teams. There are three variations listed in the lid: The Time Race Game, The Count Game, and The Patience Game. All of these include some variation of having to flip the marbles into the handle of the "lolli pops" while holding them upright. The Milton Bradley Company also produced such classic games as Twister and Mystery Date Game, but Lolli Plop seems to be a lesser known game.
Cardboard, Plastic
Gift of Larry & Vicki Burghdoff
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Vicki Burghdoff

Milton Bradley Company
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