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Leather brown lace-up shoes sold by Herpolsheimer's Department Store. The interior label reads "Herpolsheimer Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan." These shoes are a women's fashionable boot with a high heal from the early 1900s. The sturdy construction of the boot and simple design made it great for everyday wear. Mass production of women's leather shoes and styles like this boot made them more available to women at an affordable price point. Herposheimer ended a business partnership with the Voigt's in 1902 resulting in the store label only referencing Herpolsheimer by this date. This great condition boot was discovered in a vintage clothing store in Decatur, GA, Georgia called IC Thrift.
circa 1902
10"" h 3"" w 10.5"" d
Gift of Last Chance Thrift Store
Last Chance Thrift Store

In 1865, William G. Herpolsheimer and Charles G. A. Voigt, two young businessmen, established the Voigt, Herpolsheimer & Company, a dry goods and carpet store in Michigan City, Indiana before relocating to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1870. The partnership between Voigt and Herpolsheimer ended in 1902 with Voigt taking over the flour mills and Herpolsheimer the store. Herpolsheimer's Firm continued to operate department stores until it was sold in 1987 making it one of the longest-running retail establishments in West Michigan.
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