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Bosko Ku Warrior Tiki Mug #1

Artist's proof —Ocean Blue
Part of the Mark Sellers Tiki Collection at Max's South Seas Hideaway in Grand Rapids
Restricted Use
Bosko Hrnjak was born in Los Angeles 1963 and raised in Southern California's San Gabriel valley. In the mid 80’s, Bosko was the first person to sculpt full size Tikis again. He designed and outfitted the first commercial Tiki bar in North America since the 1970’s, "Taboo Cove" in Las Vegas.  Bosko's works are cherished by collectors and in hundreds of commercial spaces all over the world. Each piece is handmade by Bosko in his Southern California studios.  

Tiki Farm
Tiki Farm is the largest manufacturer of Tiki mugs in the world. They work with some of the most recognized artists in Tiki culture today, producing mugs for bars, restaurants, resorts & luaus throughout the world.