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Tres Tikis Bowl Tiki Mug by Von Franco and Squid

This bowl was designed by Von Franco for Tiki Farm, and has the faces of three artists on the sides: Shag, Von Franco, and the Pizz. Brown exterior and green interior. The sculpt was done by Squid. These three artists were featured together in the It's All About the Tiki art show at La Luz de la Jesus gallery on 11/22/03 where the bowl made its debut. Produced in a limited edition of 300. 
Part of the Mark Sellers Tiki Collection at Max's South Seas Hideaway in Grand Rapids
SHAG is a paradigmatic artist based out of Southern California. His illustrative artwork has had a heavy influence on modern-day "retro" designs. Solo exhibitions of Shag's work have been held in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and South America.

Tiki Farm
Tiki Farm is the largest manufacturer of Tiki mugs in the world. They work with some of the most recognized artists in Tiki culture today, producing mugs for bars, restaurants, resorts & luaus throughout the world.

Squid, a.k.a. David Cohen (born 1960 Kansas City, Missouri) is a sculptor, illustrator, type designer and musician. Squid has been a key figure in the Tiki revival scene, having sculpted master models for hundreds of Tiki mugs.