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SHAG "PECKING ORDER" Sculpture Set of 3 Birds and 12 Color Serigraph Print

Set of THREE sculptures and a 12-color serigraph. Sculptures are resin and wood with metal legs and marble bases.

In 2002 Shag sculpted a set of three birds for his own home. Since then, dozens of visitors to his house have asked him what they were and where he got them. Finally, ten years after he created the original statues, Shag has released the birds as a limited sculpture edition and designed a print to accompany them. Only 15 Artist Proof Sets of Birds and 15 Artist Proof Prints were made. Each print is hand signed and numbered, and each bird has a SHAG numbered label under the base corresponding to the Artist Proof print edition number.


Tall bird: 19" tall, 11" wide, 3" deep (including base)

Medium bird: 14" tall, 11" wide, 3" deep (including base)

Short bird: 12" tall, 12" wide, 3" deep (including base)


"Pecking Order" 12 Color Serigraph Print: 23" x 16" (20" x 13" image size)

Birds are finished in a hand-rubbed silver/gunmetal gray patina. The back side of each sculpture is flat.
Part of the Mark Sellers Tiki Collection at Max’s South Seas Hideaway in Grand Rapids
SHAG is a paradigmatic artist based out of Southern California. His illustrative artwork has had a heavy influence on modern-day "retro" designs. Solo exhibitions of Shag's work have been held in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia and South America.