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Video and Audio ➔ Spool of Recording Wire

This case contains a spool of wire with audio recordings stored on it and was produced by Lear Incorporated. It is marked "Lear, Inc. Patent Pending". Written on time interval 0-15 is "Grand Rapids At Work, Re Lear, Inc., 5/9/1950" and the 15-35 interval is marked "Harry S. Truman 4-11-51". The Grand Rapids At Work recording was a weekly series commissioned by the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce and aired on WJPF Tuesdays at 6:15. This particular episode includes a brief overview of the Lear Incorporated, its Grand Rapids facility and two short interviews with employees at its factory. 
May 9 1950;April 11 1951
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Gift of William Willyard
William Willyard

Lear Inc.
Lear Inc. was a company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It mainly produced aircraft components such as radios and electronic control systems, and briefly made radios for the home and audio recording wire. It was also a contractor for the United States Air Force.
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