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3/4 U-Matic Video Tape

The 3/4 U-Matic is a type of video cassette from the 1970s. When it and its related equipment proved to be too expensive for commercial use, it was marketed towards industrial, professional, and educational use. It became popular with broadcast television networks. This particular cassette was used by WZZM 13 and featured anchor Lee Van Ameyde. It is marked Lee V.-8 and contains the following recordings:

"R.C. Allen 4-10-79 1:27"
"Impounded Cars 4-11-79 1:45"
"6th Street Bride V-O 4-17-79 :38"
"False Start"
"Flat River 4-18-79 1:55"
"WX Roll"
"Citizen Bond Issue 4-23-79 1:55"
"Calder Plaza Office BLDG 4-23 :30"
"Alley-Garbage 4-24-79 1:08"
"Public Works BLDGs 4-25-79 1:25"
"Betts Van Andel Edited"
"Pyatt Art Edited"
"Carlow Payment 4-30-79 1:28"
"Zawea-Anderson 5-1-79 1:59"
"WX Roll-Dogwood 5-5-79 1:05"
"River Use Rules Kelly 5-17-79 1:25"
"Latin American Council 5-8-79 1:30"
"Crime Prevention 5-9-79"
"SAT. Fatal 5-12-79"
"Eastown 5-12-79"
"Missing Girl 5-12"
"Garbage Strike Noon 5-14-79"
"Calder Plaza 5-14-79 :28"
"Strike Update 5-14-79 2:08 (marked do not use)"
"City Strike 5-14-79 1:44 (marked use)"
10"" h 7"" w 1.5"" d
Restricted Use
Jan Van Ameyde

Lee Van Ameyde
Lee Van Ameyde was an anchor for WZZM 13 News. Van Ameyde started working at WZZM in 1977. He was with the station for 39 years; 37 of which was spent as a news anchor. His awards for his work included induction into the Silver Circle of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Edward R. Murrow Award for best investigative reporting, an Emmy Award for crime reporting, and an Emmy award for politics and government reporting. He was also involved in various charitable organizations, benefiting groups ranging from cancer patients to Vietnam War veterans. 

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