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This Native American wind-up toy was created around the 1940s by J. Chein of New York. 

Wind-up toys gained popularity in America beginning in the 1860s. While those made of porcelain or wax were marketed towards adults and collectors, tin wind-up toys were created for children. The toys' designs often mirrored current events however by the 1940s, they began taking the shape of childhood favorites such as robots, space, and Disney characters. Although the popularity of wind-ups decreased with the creation of the Alkaline battery in the 1960s, they can still be found in toy stores today. 
circa 1940
5.5" h 1.75" w 2.5" d
The Estate of Beth Schwartz
Brian Schwartz

J. Chein and Company
J. Chein and Company was an American toy company found in 1903 by Julius Chein in New York City, New York. It was most popular for its tin lithographed mechanical toys. 
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