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Musical Instruments ➔ Piano Theory Machine

This piano theory machine was created by Dr. Gaylord "Doc" Taylor, a music teacher in the Grand Rapids area. Taylor created the machine for his wife Florence to use with her students during her piano lessons, which she taught for 60 years. The note pegs are placed in the staff holes on the left and the corresponding keyboard key lights up. Taylor made several of these in the 1950s and 1960s however this is the latest model and the only existing one in working order. 
1950 – 1960
16.5"" h 31.5"" w 3.5"" d
Gift of Dr. Mark Taylor
Dr. Gaylord "Doc" Taylor
Dr. Gaylord "Doc" Lyman Taylor was born in 1919 and married Florence Stratton Taylor in 1948. He earned his Doctorate in Music Education from Northern Colorado University and his Masters in Theory and Composition from Northwestern University. He was a professor at Rockmont College and Cornerstone University and gave private voice lessons. Taylor passed away in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2007.

Dr. Mark Taylor

Florence Taylor
Florence Evelyn Stratton was born in Benton City, Missouri in 1924 and married Dr. Gaylord Taylor on June 19th, 1948. She received a Bachelor's Degree from Wheaton College and was an office secretary. She also taught piano lessons for 60 years. Florence passed away in Grand Rapids, Michigan on May 12th, 2016. 
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