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Advertising ➔ Steketee's "Spring Into Action" Button/Pin

This pin/button was likely issued to Steketee's employees to wear in conjunction with a sales promotion or as part of a uniform. This item is significant for its historical association with a downtown Grand Rapids department store. The history of some of Grand Rapids' long-time retailers still resonates today because of the active role these businesses and their owners played in contributing to the development of the city, its economy, arts, and culture. 
Gift of Michael Hauser
Paul Steketee & Sons
Steketee's was a department store in Grand Rapids that opened in 1862. It was started by Paul Steketee and John H. Doornich. In 1872 a fire destroyed the business and Doornich sold his part of the business to Steketee. He recruited his family to help rebuild and run the store. They opened an 8 story store on Monroe Avenue in 1915. Over time Steketee opened more stores throughout Michigan. It became one of West Michigan's oldest retailers, closing its final store in 2003. 

Michael Hauser
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