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Advertising ➔ Wurzburg's Promotional Plate

This plate, distributed by Wurzburg's, depicts several public institutions in Grand Rapids, such as the Grand Rapids Public Museum, Art Gallery, and Civic Auditorium. The back reads:

"Your Store Since 1872"
Grand Rapids
"The Gateway to the Playground of a Nation"
Made Exclusively for Wurzburg Dry Goods Company
by Vernon Kilns U.S.A

This item is significant for its historical association with a downtown Grand Rapids department store. The history of some of Grand Rapids' long-time retailers still resonates today because of the active role these businesses and their owners played in contributing to the development of the city, its economy, arts, and culture. 
1931 – 1958
Gift of Michael Hauser

Wurzburg's Department Store
Wurzburg's Department Store was founded by Frederick W. Wurzburg in October of 1872. Two of Frederick's sons, William and Edmund, went on to run the store. Wurzburg's took over the previous location of Herpolsheimer's in 1951 on 101-13 Monroe Northwest in Grand Rapids. Wurzberg's was in business until at least 1972. 

Vernon Kilns
Vernon Kilns was a ceramic company in California that was in operation from 1931 through 1958. They primarily produced ceramic art and dinnerware. 

Michael Hauser
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