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Clothing and Accessories
Women's Clothing ➔ "PEACE" Dress

WWI-era dress in white cotton with light blue ribbon trim. A significant feature of this dress is that the word "PEACE" is hand embroidered in white on the front across the pale blue ribbon. It is an early 20th century style that is small in size and was likely worn by a young woman. The dress features a lace collar, floating petal panel over the sleeves and has embroidered white trim along the sleeves and hem. The source of the purchase indicated it was a World War I protest movement dress that originated in England around c. 1914-1918.

This rare dress is a symbol of women's active role in peace movements since the 19th century. While World War I was raging in Europe, anti-war movements were happening around the globe with women especially involved in speaking out in opposition. These women were looking for ways to permanently end war and leverage the feminist perspective in the decisions being made around war. Groups formed such as the International Congress of Women, The Hague, 1915, for example, that led to the establishment of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. 
circa 1914 – 1918
Museum Purchase
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