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Ephemera ➔ Booklet, Laws of Michigan Relating to Women

This booklet, "Laws of Michigan Relating to Women" was produced by Michigan State Library Legislative Reference Department and printed by Lansing, Michigan State Printer in 1916. It covers 20 chapters on the following sections: Citizenship and naturalization, Suffrage, Eligibility to hold office, Marriage, Divorce, Rights and liabilities of married women, Dower, Partition, Descent and distribution, Wills, Settlement of Estates, Exemptions, Witnesses, Desertion, Penal and Reformatory institutions, Offenses by and against women and girls, Employment of women and children, Protection in other cases, Women's clubs and societies and Miscellaneous.The booklet is prefaced with the following statement by Mary C. Spencer, State Librarian:

This bulletin has been compiled by Mr. Charles W. Bradrick of the Legislative Reference Department, who has accomplished the difficult task in a most complete and satisfactory manner. Its purpose is to meet an ever-growing demand for a publication setting forth the rights, privileges, duties and disabilities of women under the constitution and the statutes of Michigan, particularly wherein they differ from those enjoyed by or imposed upon men...Most of the sections herein contained as take verbatim or in substance from the statutes. In some instances, where the statutes are silent or where the law is stated in more genera terms, it has been deemed advisable to incorporate extracts from the reports of cases decided by the supreme Court of this State. The purpose and the nature of this bulletin preclude greater amplitude or a more detailed statement of the law.
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