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World War II ➔ Prismatic Marching Compass and Case

This prismatic marching compass, Model MKIX, was created by the Canadian Kodak Company of Toronto, Canada in 1943. It was used during World War II to accurately target enemies and artillery strikes using a prism which allowed the user to read the azimuth while still looking at the target. It was stored in a leather case with the initials C.K.C/C. and the year 1943 embossed on it. There are also various letters and numbers etched into the case, including the initials G.S.C. in which the G stands for George. 

This artifact is radioactive, likely from radium paint or tritium illumination capsules used to illuminate the north marker and other components. 
circa 1940
Metal, Leather
4" h 3.5" w 1.5" d
Gift of Cory Redman

Cory Redman
Science Curator of the GRPM (2018-present).

Canadian Kodak Company
The Canadian Kodak Company was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1899 after the Eastman Kodak Company of the United States branched into Canada. It was managed by John G. Palmer and specialized in cameras. The company went bankrupt in the 1990s. 
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