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A Dreidel is spinning-top game used by the Jewish tradition during the holiday of Hanukkah. Each Dreidel has four sides, each printed with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet: נ (nun), ג (gimel), ה (hei), and ש (shin). The Dreidel is a Jewish version of a Teetotum, a European gambling game. To play, each player received an equal amount of money, candy, or some other small good. Each player then puts one piece into the "pot". The first player spins the Dreidel, and the Hebrew letter the Dreidel lands on gives the player instructions. Shin means the player adds one piece to the pot, hay means the player takes half of the pot, gimel means the player takes all of the pot, and nun means the player takes nothing. Players take turns spinning the Dreidel until one player wins everything. 
circa 2019
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