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Coronavirus Disease 2019 ➔ COVID-19 Story, Student Journal


This journal entry was written by a World History student at East Kentwood High School as part of an assignment during the coronavirus pandemic. Students were asked to reflect on how their lives changed and their feelings towards online schooling. They were also asked if they were following social distancing protocols and if they agreed with quarantine guidelines and regulations put in place by the government. 

This journal entry is part of a larger collection of entries written by the diverse students of East Kentwood High School. On March 13th, 2020, Michigan schools closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and in April, online education took the place of in-person instruction. 

"I feel this quarantine has impacted my life for the better. It made me realize how many people are in hard times right now. It’s one thing for me to be bored at home but others around the world are suffering and struggling to feed their families. It really is a tough time for many people. I do agree with Governor Whitmer’s shutdowns because it helps many people stay safe and it lowers the amount of cases in the state. At first, I did not wear a mask because I didn’t think this was a really big issue but in the coming weeks I have come to realize that people’s lives are at stake. I now wear a homemade mask whenever I leave the house, which is very rare. I only go when we need to go grocery shopping and I want to pick out some food. I am social distancing. My grandma is probably most likely to get very sick of this virus but she still does not understand how bad this crisis is. She wants to come see my family but we have to tell her not until the quarantine is over. I have been spending more time with my family and also I get to walk my dogs a lot more which they appreciate." ​​​​​​
May 2020
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Student at East Kentwood High School
East Kentwood High School
East Kentwood High School is the largest school in West Michigan. It is also the most diverse school in the state and the seventh most in the country, with over 90 languages spoken.