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Coronavirus Disease 2019 ➔ COVID-19 Story, Brooke Liss

The beginning of the pandemic I was sent home from college and had to immediately adjust to taking all my classes online. All of a sudden my entire family was home every single day and we had never seen more of each other. Although, we were all sent home my family had the ability to be with each other more often than usual. As time went on my internship that I had for the summer was still unlikely. After many phone calls and emails the company holding my internship decided to cut it in half and switch to completely remote and virtual internship. This was a huge change because of how I was going to meet people. As someone who strives with in person interaction and conversation this was going to be a huge challenge for me. Although my internship was split in half and switched to virtual I was one of the lucky ones because I know many friends internships had been completely cancelled.
July 10 2020
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Brooke Liss
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