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Community COVID-19 Stories ➔ Poem, Unique Family Christmas

The following poem, inspired by Clement Clarke Moore's "A Visit From St. Nicholas", was written by Iris May Benson Replogle in December 2020. It describes a unique Christmas celebration due to COVID-19 when gatherings of people were limited. The accompanying photos 

Unique Family Christmas
‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the garage
Every creature was stirring
Even the dogs
The tree was strung, standing in the corner there
While family members occupied each and every chair
Eyes dancing with the fun they would share
When from inside the house
Arose such a clatter
Cyanne and Cora sprang up to see what was the matter
Open wide they flung the door
To see little Nutmeg looking up at them
From where she sat on the floor
Outside the wind was blustery
Twirling snow like tiny stars
Sweeping across the floor, as the girls took the cat in their arms
Though the zephyrs were fierce and cold
Though timid sparrows sat in the eves now made bold
Each family member felt safe
And warm
Rob with his coat
Faune with winter gear
Hollie with her hat

Iris with her cloak
Cyanne and Cora with jackets warm
Ellie, Lissy, and Luna snoozing on the rug
While Grandpa and Grandma were wrapped tight as two bugs
And all the while, Nutmeg purring near
For this unique family Christmas
Give a cheer!
December 2020
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Gift of Iris May Benson Replogle

Iris May Benson Replogle