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Coil basket with black and tan "V"-shaped designs.;From accession file 4747: "This is an excellent quality of basket though not the shape which is used in native life. However, the figures are only those seen on the baskets which the natives use about their own homes. The dyes are strictly native. The grass has been carefully bleached. The making of a basket like this would require a number of days; for, each individual stitch requires the threading of a needle as the grass is short and the needle long. A basket like this would hold water for a considerable length of time. They are very durable.";The objects were originally obtained by Dr. and Mrs. H. Veazie Markham, medical missionaries of that church. The couple were appointed for life service to West Central Portuguese Africa (modern Angola) by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, and they served there from 1927-1939. The objects were originally collected about 1930, and were exhibited at the East Congregational Church before being donated in 1948. However, dates of individual objects may vary widely.;Originally one of nine baskets labeled 117349, part of accession 4747. This basket and four others were subsequently renumbered by PMGR staff.
Coiled, Grass, Reed
4" h 8" w 3.5" d
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In Storage
Gift Of East Congregational Church
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