Picture, Embroidery
Picture, Embroidery
Picture, Embroidery
Picture, Embroidery

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This sampler is completed on perforated paper, also known as punch paper, which is a lightweight cardboard with evenly spaced holes that imitate an embroidery canvas. This method of embroidery started in 1820 as plain sheets but hit its peak in 1870 with a new printing process that allowed for pre-printed designs and mottoes on the paper. This piece is an example of the pre-printed method which, can be seen by the grey shadows and lines on the punch paper. The words"Glaube Liebe Hoffnung" are stitched in german onto this piece. When translated to english it says "Faith Love Hope". This would have been a popular moralizing phrase used when this piece was made. A piece of this size and style would have been framed and hung on the wall. It is one of the few of this size on punch paper in the collection. 
1878 – 1882
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Gift Of Bracker, Mrs. Mary

Wester Brothers

Bracker, Mrs. Mary
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