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Medical ➔ Conversation Tube, Hearing Aid

This hearing aid consists of a horn and an earpiece, connected by a piece of flexible black tubing. The whole apparatus is stored in a round wooden box with a lid.;If the ear trumpet can be considered hearing aids, then conversation tubes could be considered the equivalent of assistive listening devices. They are normally used in a conversation setting to increase the signal to noise ratio, and in my experience with them, do not provide any direct amplification. The talker speaks into the funnel end of the tube and the sound is directed along the tube to an ear piece that the listener places in the ear canal. These devices were made in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different listening situations. They are made from a multitude of different materials, such as, wood, hard rubber, celluloid, and even ivory. The tubes are generally made of a metal spiral covered with material such as cotton or silk.
1848 – 1862
Wood, Cloth
Gift Of Miss Mary E. Simonds
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Science Tuesday - Science of Sound (January 2017)
Featured artifacts demonstrate various sound technologies, emphasizing how they have changed over time. Visitors are invited to build their own harmonicas and play a variety of instruments, all while learning the physics behind how sound is produced.
Mary E. Simonds