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Musical Instruments ➔ Zither

This zither is likely a model called "Kunkel's American Cithern" as issued to Charles Kunkel on Dec 2, 1879. It is a very early zither patent, so is quite rare. There were many zither patents issued between 1878-1880, with many inventors located in St Louis, Mo. 

Kunkel was also issued another patent on the same day (Dec. 2, 1879) for an alternate design (#222,138) which he called "Kunkel's American Lyre." Charles and his brother Jacob operated a successful retail enterprise in St Louise for a number of years selling sheet music, instruments, and publishing a monthly periodical highlighting the St Louis music trade, called "Kunkel's Music Review."
circa 1879
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Gift Of Anderson, Mr. And Mrs. Melvin D.

Mr. Melvin D. Anderson