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Art ➔ Glass Painting, Angel And Child

This is an oil painting of an angel and child. The painting was created by the artist painting in reverse on the back of a pane of glass. The painting is contained in a wood frame that has been painted gold.;This painting is believed to have been framed by Moses Williams, an early African American framer from Philadelphia. Williams is known for his work framing Randolph Peale paintings.;Glass painting has been practiced by many artists throughout history going back to ancient Rome, through the Renaissance, in the Middle East, and in many other eras and regions. Also known as "reverse" glass painting, the technique is characterized by the fact that because the artist is painting on the back of a clear medium, he or she must paint everything backwards.
1837 – 1839
Glass, Oils
26" h 2" w 1" d
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Gift Of Childs, Ralph

A Time to Mourn ()

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Williams, Moses

Childs, Ralph