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Currency and Numismatics
Exchange Media ➔ Ration Points (58)

Ration tokens or OPA coins (OPAs) were used as change by retailers to give back to shoppers for items bought with their ration stamps. 

During World War II due to the demand for supplies and materials such as metal, paper, rubber, and food the United States Government created a rationing system that set limits on the number of materials and food that people could purchase. 

The Office of Price Administration was in charge of assigning rationing points to every person in the form of ration stamps and books. Each stamp was colored coded and had a number on it indicating how many points it was worth. If a particular food or material was rationed, the buyer would have to pay for the item and also turn in the number of ration points that were needed. Retailers would give back red and blue ration tokens as change. 

These ration points have been stored in a chicken bouillon canister. 
1942 – 1945
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Gift of Mrs. Maude Hanish

Mrs. Maude Hanish

United States Office Of Price Administration